Investments & Savings

Investments & Savings

Investments and Savings

Different investments suit different people at different stages of their lives, so when making your investment decisions ask yourself:

  • How long am I planning to invest for?
  • How do I decide the mix of the portfolio?
  • How often should my portfolio be reviewed?

At BDWM we look at the four main types of assets you can invest in; equities, bonds, cash and property. We will show you both the advantages and risks associated with each option, so you can decide which assets are most suited to your profiled risk expectations. Typically, a majority of investors choose a well-balanced combination of assets to make up their portfolio. Each asset class performs differently. While general research shows that equities tend to perform better than cash, bonds and property over the long term, each can be appropriate at a different stage through your life. Different investments carry different risks, each with its own level of potential return. Equities, bonds and property do not include the same security of capital which is afforded with a cash deposit account.

The performance of your investments could make a critical difference to your financial well-being in the future, so reliable advice is important.

Typically, key concerns are:

Are my Investment & Savings being accumulated tax efficiently while reducing risk?
Have I adopted a global perspective to diversify my assets, by sector, style and geographically?
Is the cost of investing and saving kept to a minimum for the appropriate asset class?
We provide dynamic and innovative solutions to our clients concerns. You may well share these concerns? If you do, we would welcome a call from you.

It is vitally important to understand the risks associated with any investment before you make any decisions. Any investment can potential attract returns, just as it can underperform and make a loss.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.