Business, Income & Family Protection


Business, Income & Family Protection

Everyone understands the importance of protecting your assets against the event of misfortune, law dictates that your car is driven only by insured drivers. Provision for your loved ones in the event of misfortune is vitally important for many too. Death and critical illness cover is designed to help ensure a lump sum and/or income is provided in these circumstances and aim to provide the appropriate level of cover for the individual client’s current needs and circumstances. So you rest assured, should the unthinkable happen, that your loved ones won’t have financial uncertainty to add to their woes.

The same situation can arise in business too, for most their staff is a firm’s biggest asset. It makes sense to provide cover for your key staff. This can provide compensation protection against death and critical illness.

Typically, key concerns are:

  • Aim to ensure the family or business is financially secure in the event of death or critical illness
  • Aim to ensure the surviving members of the family are adequately provided for
  • Aim to ensure the business can continue to trade or to buy out the deceased partner / director in the event of critical illness
  • Aim to ensure an income is paid until retirement in the event of a long-term illness
  • Aim to ensure you or your family do not have to rely on state benefits if unable to work

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